(Jerusalem) — Unsure what to expect from her KIEDF Koret Fellowship, Meytal Snir got a very pleasant surprise.

“My MK (Member of Knesset) actually spends time with me to understand the issues that I am working on, and he listens to what I have to say,” the Ben-Gurion University graduate said. “That was the biggest surprise, and a very good one!”

Snir works with MK Amnon Cohen, who has mentored several Koret Fellows (see Mohliver, p. 6) and who served as Economics Committee chair during her fellowship. Fhis part, the Sohr as party member found Snir to be an incredible asset.

“I wish every Member of Knesset could have a Koret Fellow,” Cohen said. “She pays attention to my work, her research is thorough and thoughtful, and at the end of the day, I rely on her for a great deal of policy reform that I put forward.”

Cohen, who has been assigned Koret Fellows in the past, is a big supporter of the program. Because Knesset members do not have large staffs like U.S. senators and members of Congress do, the Fellows play a key role in policy development, reform, and enactment.

Now working on her master’s degree in business administration (MBA), Snir’s research focuses on making television advertising available to small businesses. Commercial stations have the monopoly on TV advertising and charge prices so high that only the very largest Israeli companies can afford it, Snir said.

“I’m in favor of leveling the field,” she said. “Small business is the route to economic sustainability for Israel.”